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How to get to Predov krst

Bajine Bašta - Predov krst  33 km

Predov kst - Bilješka stena  8 km




Predov krst - LOCATION      Predov krst

Predov krst is on 1075 m above the sea. You can get there via Bajina Basta and   Perućac, through  the narrow canyon of small river Derventa, via Rastište.

It is located in the farthest westernmost part of Tara. Lake Perucac and some hills make border with Bosnia and Herzegovina. Due to its remoteness, animal and plant life in this area are well preserved. You can find untouched nature there.                                     



Predov krst is border between reefs in the remotest part of Tara, surrounded by the curve of Lake Perucac on Drina, out of all roads in the last dominion of bears in our country. No one passes though this area except for the nature lovers who intentionally come to this oasis of foresters and border keepers (The border line between Serbia and Bosnia is only 2 km away). From Predov Krst you can get to Lake Zaovine and Mitrovac by an old 20 km long road. If the weather conditions allow, you should take this road and enjoy the beauty of the scenery.                                            

Northwestern part of Tara is one of the best preserved areas in Serbia and Europe.  There are three natural reserves: Zvezda Mountain, Brusnica and Karaula štula, which are among the last shelters of the rare tertiary plant and animal species.                          

Highest points are Kozji rid 1591m, Pivnice 1575, Mrka kosa 1545 i Lisnata glavica with 1510m above the sea level.

Flora is dominated by mixed woods of fir, spruce-fir, pine, beech, Pančić spruce, birch, asp and jarebika (sorbus aucuparia) at reserves Crvene stene, Bilo and Ljuti breg with 24 shrubby and 33 species of herbaceous plants. From the observation deck on Vitmirovac You have beautiful view on the biggest complex of Pancic spruce.


Vacation at Predov krst

Bilješka stena

Field trip suggestions

Besides objects of the National park there are Hunters house, Alpinist house and couple of private houses which can be used by alpinists and nature lovers. There are many roads through the forests suitable for mountain cycling.           

Bilješka rock- we recommend visiting the observation deck Biljeska rock, 6 km from Predov krst on 1225m above the sea level. From there you have a beautiful view of lake Perućac, river Drina and Bajina Bašta. Nearby there is a small cottage built during shooting of the film “The birds who never start flying” which can be freely used.                                There is also couple of benches and tables where you can sit while enjoying the view. Here you can also find Pančić spruce (relict and endemic species of the Balkans.)         See the photos.


 Čekova house is 8 km from Predov Krst towards Jagoštica. There is a beautiful glade worth seeing.     See the photos.

Predov krst - proleće - leto - jesen


The entire are is covered by cell network MTS 064.

Predov krst is the key location for creating the new image of  Tara. It is the area with the highest level of protection.            

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