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Šljivovica - LOCATION   Šljivovica - mount Tara

Šljivovica is on the road Kaluđerske Bare-Mitrovac. Its inhabitid mostly with farmers and people who have weekend houses there. It is 21 km from Bajina Bašta and 5 km from Kaluđerske Bare.





On teritory of Šljivovica there is natural reserve, habitat of    Pančić spruce and reserve of mixed wood of fir, spruce-fir and beech. Tourist center    Šljivovica is not used to its full extent. Urbanistic plan predicts that it should have mainly recreational and sport character with  tourist facilities of different kinds  (hotels, weekend houses). Natural values and attractions of
Šljivovica are beautiful landscapes, varaety of plant species, medicinal herbs, springs and cricks, caves, and vicinity of important tourist locations.           


Vacations in Šljivovica


Informative-educational center NP “Tara” in Račanska Šljivovica

You can get a room in private pansions and in the Informative-educational center NP “Tara” at Račanska Šljivovica and at the hotel “Tara” after its restoration.


Informative-educational center NP “Tara” in Račanska Šljivovica was made by reconstruction of an abandoned rangers house. It has multiple functions: summer and winter camps for young rangers are held there, allowing primary school students from Serbia to extend their knowledge about ecology, geography, biology, environment protection and to learn about this and other national parks in Serbia. It also welcomes the journalists coming to write about NP "Tara". When unoccupied the center receives smaller groups of tourists who want to spend couple of days there.




Field trip suggestions

Don’t miss walk along the marked wood foot paths. This is also excellent terrain for mountain cycling.


- Dam and Lake "Jarevac" next to the hotel "Šljivovica" with path to it appropriately marked by National Park "Tara". The lake is a beautiful spot for picnics and resting in nature. See the photos.


- Hajdučka česma is 2 km from Šljivovica. It is arranged picnic spot that is appropriately marked – see the photos


- Sokolina – Rocks called Sokolarica are 2-3 km from Šljivovica towards Mitrovac. From the observation deck on Sokolarica you have beautiful view of Raca river canyon. See the photos

Sljivovica - photo


 Tara - Šljivovica - winter

How to get to  Šljivovica

Bajina Bašta-Šljivovica 21-22 km


Šljivovica - Kaluđerske bare 5 km


Šljivovica-Hajdučka cesma 2km


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