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How to get to Sokolina

Bajina Bašta-Sokolina 25km


Kaluđerske bare-Sokolina 8km




Sokolina - LOCATION  Slike Sokoline Skolina - mount Tara

Sokolina is 8 km from Kaluđerske bare. It has great tourist potential. Plateau with beautiful meadows surrounded by woods of fir, spruce-fir and beech is a real air spa. Good climate of this area, altitude, air pressure and its humidity have beneficial influence on human organism, especially on chronic lung problems. Terrain configuration is ideal for long walks and mountain cycling. Preserved woods are natural air conditioner during the hot summer months.



This is the driest part of flat Tara, with lost of sunshine, protected from dominant winds. Especialy aproptiate for devlopment of health tourism is its altitude of 1000m


Part of National park Tara is in the area of Sokolina. In the imidiate vicinity you can find natural habitat of a protected species – brown bear. 


Sokolina is a big sunny flat area between two dominant hills – Suva glava and Branevine, at the natural border with natural reserve of Rača kanyon, which is the most important tourist attraction of this area. Sokolina is not directly conected with the main tourist centers and transit routes. Its natural morfphological characteristics allow it to be conected with Oslusa by different kinds of recreational paths.        




Vacation at Sokolini


Field trip suggestions

Sokolina is ideal for walking and mountain cycling.                               

There are scaterred groups of houses on the verge of this area used for temporal stay by local people or as weekend houses by the people living outside this area.             
Sokolina is ideal for field trips, weekend and village tourism.

- From the observation deck at Sokolarica you have beautiful view of Raca river canyon

- Hajdučka česma - ideal place for picnic,  4 km from Sokolina

- Monastery Rača which can be reached by an old unpaved road.  

- Mitrovac - 16 km

- Lake and dam "Jarevac"


The entire area is covered with cell network  MTS 064 and TELENOR 063

Photo - Sokolina
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