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Kaludjerske bare

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Kaludjerske bare LOCATION

  Kaludjerske bare

Kaludjerske bare is 16 km from Bajina Bašta. It is in the southeastern part of Tara and its most important tourist center with beautiful woods of black and white pine, fir, spruce fir. Kaludjerske bare are on 1059 m. There are foot-paths, chutes, and sleighing fields.


Organized tourism first began on this location. Prior of monastery Raca, Zaharije Milekić built first objects for tourists called Stanovi between the world wars. There were 60 beds in three objects. One could get there on train to Kremna and from there was transported by people from monastery vacation center on horse driven carts. This used to take up to two hours.  In 1935. rehabilitation center for 16 persons was built. Later it becomes hotel “Tara”. Today on Kaluđerske Bare there are modern hotels Omorika, Beli bor and Javor and well equipped private objects with rooms of different categories.                  




Vacation and recreation on Kaludjerske bare

There are also several shops, post office, a gas station and motels "Džogazi" and "Bobar"

and well equipped private objects with rooms of different categories.

There are modern sport and recreational objects near the hotel at the open space: small playgrounds for football and other sports, children playground, trim trace, chutes, tennis courts and football court on grass which allows quality trainings of different spot teams.

Chute is next to restaurant "Kurta". During winter visitors can ski on chutes next to the hotel »Beli bor«, on elevation of 1.000 m. There are two ski elevators, one for children and beginners of 150 m and other for recreational skiers of 450 m.

On Kaluđerske bare there are also sleighing fields.


Field trip suggestions

Road map and National park "Tara" map

-Monastery Rača from the 13 century, built by king Dragutin Nemanjic


 -Hajdučka česma 3 km from Kaluđerske bare. It is an arranged place for field trips with appropriate markings

- Sokolina – Rocks called Sokolarica are 8 km from Kaluđerske bare towards Mitrovac. Sokolarica gibves a beautiful view of  Rača river canyon.


- Ethno village- Tara wooden houses   


- Monastery quarters


- Lake and dam "Jarevac" - 6 km





How to get to Kaluđerske Bare

Bajina Bašta-Kaludjerske bare 16 km

Kaludjerske bare-Mitrovac 24km

Kaludjerske bare-Sokolina 8km

Kaludjerske bare-Hajdučka cesma 3km

Kaludjerske bare-Mokra gora 16km

Kaludjerske bare-Solotuša (crkva) 8km

Kaludjerske bare-Manastirski konaci (prema Belom boru) 2.5km

Kaludjerske bare-Manastir Rača 21km




-Bajina Bašta - Tara

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Tara - Bajina Bašta

-week days  06.50, 08.15, 12.00, 14.15, 15.45, 19.40, 21.15


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