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Field trip suggestions

Mitrovac is on the twenty fifth km from Bajina Bašta towards Zaovine.

Mitrovac is on 1080 m above the sea level. It has a very good climate with many days with lots of sunshine. There are hunting house and Belgrade children vacation and rehabilitation center.

From Mitrovac you may take field trips to all parts of Tara. The biggest atraction is visit to Kozija stena, and Tepih livada (carpet meadow). Few km from Mitrovac there is artificial lake in Zaovine where you can swim and go fishing.  



During summer you should visit Perućac which has lot to offer.




Children vacation centre

Small playgrounds for football and basketball court.

There is also a big football court on grass.      

At the center of children vacation center there is a covered swimming pool

On Mitrovac there are chutes for children and beginners.

It is very suitable for mountain cycling.                                

Children vacation centre, Pavilions in mountain style with 600 beds.  It is a part of Belgrade children vacation centers. It was built in 1979. It has a central object and six pavilions. Each pavilion has 98 beds in rooms with 6 to 10 beds and a room for guardian on each floor. Within the vacation center there is a national restaurant “Kačara”. In the central object there is a covered swimming pool, a mess room, a restaurant and a TV room. There is also a dispensary.           

Mitrovac – vacation

 Krnja jela See the road from Perućac to Mitrovac

Visitors, guests and nature lovers can hire weekend houses at Krnja jela, 3 km from Mitrovac.


Beauty of the canyon of Drina can be spotted 10 Km from Bajina Bašta, on lake Perućac made in 1967 at the foot of mount Tara. There is the highest dam in Serbia, 89 meters high and 461 long. Few km from Perućac towards Mitrovac you have beautiful view on canyon of Drina, lake, dam and town of Bajina Bašta.



Informative center of NP “Tara” on Mitrovac

It is the most valuable object built in recent years. It coasted eight million dinars.     

There tourists and other interested parties can get data about the National park, bye books, maps and cards and souvenirs.                          

Organized groups can see the film about Tara in a room for 50 spectators. On 240 square meters there is an exhibition of natural heritage, of plant and animal life and of cultural heritage. In a special room there is an ethonological collection with lots of objects  and costumes of people from this area from the first half of the past century. Rangers, who also help tourists, work there. They help tourists to see natural reserves and sight points at the National park.  

Mitrovac - july 2007

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 Mitrovac - january  2008.

Tara - Mitrovac Tara - Mitrovac Tara - Mitrovac - skijanje Tara - Mitrovac - skijanje Tara - Mitrovac

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How to get to Mitrovac

B.Bašta - Mitrovac 25 km

Mitrovac - Kozja stena 10 km

Kalerske bare-Mitrovac 24km

Mitrovac-Zaovine(dam) 14km

Mitrovac - Krnja jela 3km

Mitrovac-Perućac 13km

Mitrovac - Zaovine

(dam Lazići)-10 km

Zaovine(dam Lazići) - Računići - 5 km




-Bajina Bašta - Mitrovac

 - -week days  -  6 h, 13.30 and 20.30 h


Mitrovac - Bajina Bašta u 14.15 i 21.15 h



Raketa AB - tel:031/865-485


Untouched nature, old pine woods coming down to Drina canyon will astonish you with its wild natural beauty.                      


Mitrovac is covered with cell phone network MTS 064.


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